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The Möhring Energie Group specializes in environmentally friendly, economical energy solutions. We focus on major projects in solar, wind power and hydrogen technology, covering the entire project cycle — from development, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance to financing and asset management. Our global team of experts provides comprehensive services, from planning to installation, to implement advanced energy projects.

Challenges of the energy transition:
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The Möhring Energy Group is at the forefront of efforts for a sustainable future. Our commitment to the development of solar, wind and power-to-X projects to produce green hydrogen shows our eagerness to offer innovative and environmentally friendly energy solutions. By combining technological progress and respect for nature, we are making a decisive contribution to the energy revolution worldwide. Our projects are more than just business ventures; they are a testament to our commitment to preserving our planet for future generations. Together, we are creating a world in which renewable energy sources form the basis of every community.

Photovoltaics in open spaces

Discover the benefits of photovoltaics in open spaces with the Möhring Energy Group — a worthwhile investment in the future. Our expertise in the development and operation of solar parks makes us the ideal partner for your photovoltaic project. By investing in ground-mounted photovoltaics, you not only secure an environmentally friendly energy source, but also benefit from attractive returns and make an important contribution to the energy revolution. With the Möhring Energie Group at your side, a leading company in the field of renewable energy, you have extensive know-how at your disposal to successfully implement your project.

The power of wind

Discover the power of wind with the Möhring Energy Group — an investment in innovation and sustainability. Our expertise ranges from wind farm development to operational management, making us the ideal partner for your wind energy project. By using wind power in open spaces, you tap into an efficient and environmentally friendly energy source and maximize the energy yield and profitability of your investment. They benefit from stable and reliable energy generation and make a significant contribution to the energy revolution. With the Möhring Energie Group, a leading player in the field of renewable energy, you will receive extensive know-how and support to successfully implement your wind energy project.

Sustainable options for energy generation

Power-to-X, presented by Möhring Energy Group, offers innovative solutions by converting renewable energy into green hydrogen, green ammonia, green methanol and sustainable aviation fuels. Our expertise in sustainable energy generation enables us to act as your partner for diverse energy projects. These technologies allow efficient, environmentally friendly energy generation and make a significant contribution to the energy revolution. By combining these Power-to-X products, you increase the diversity and efficiency of your energy investments. The Möhring Energie Group provides you with in-depth expertise to successfully put these advanced energy solutions into practice.

“At Möhring Energy Group, we have set ourselves the task of offering pioneering energy solutions that are environmentally friendly and economical. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, we strive to drive the transition to a greener future. ”

Our services

project development

From planning to commissioning of a project, including complex approval procedures.


From site selection to completion, this process includes all steps to implement projects efficiently.


Together, we develop tailor-made financing solutions to implement your renewable energy project.

asset management

Efficient management of financial resources and investments for an optimal renewable energy portfolio.

contracts with pantographs

Important agreements that regulate the sale of generated electricity and secure stable income.

operation and maintenance

Efficient support to ensure reliable and long-term performance of systems.


frequently asked questions

What is the Möhring Energy Group?

As an experienced project developer, we are leaders in the development, planning and operational management of solar and wind farms. With more than two decades of expertise in the areas of renewable energy and advanced storage technologies, we at Möhring Energie rely on innovative and sustainable energy solutions. Particularly noteworthy is our specialization in designing Power-to-X plants for the production of green hydrogen, which plays a decisive role in cross-sectoral decarbonization and forms the basis for a sustainable future.

What makes the work of the Möhring Energie Group special?

The Möhring Energy Group is characterized by its comprehensive expertise in the planning and implementation of energy projects. It values long-lasting solutions that blend harmoniously with local conditions and demonstrate respect for nature and people. The combination of technical expertise and commitment to environmental protection makes their projects special.

What types of projects are in the Möhring Energie Group's portfolio?

The Möhring Energy Group's portfolio comprises a variety of renewable energy projects, including Power-to-X projects for the production of green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives, photovoltaic plants, wind farms and storage systems. The projects vary from small, local installations to large, international companies.

In which international areas of application is the Möhring Energie Group active?

We at the Möhring Energy Group are not only active in Germany but also in other countries. Our international areas of operation include projects in the European Union and North Africa, focusing on markets that are showing strong growth in the renewable energy sector.

What plans does the Möhring Energy Group have for the future?

The future prospects of the Möhring Energy Group are focused on further expansion in the Power-to-X and renewable energy sectors, both in existing and in new markets. The company plans to further expand its expertise and capacities in order to make a significant contribution to the global energy revolution.

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